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Marcel Meier Audiovisual Productions

Since 1994 production in the fields of film, photography, graphics, animation, compositing, visual effects, multimedia, print as well as sound and music. With an international network of independent producers and freelancers. For advertising, image, documentaries, video clips, short and feature films.

As part of our network expansion, we are joining forces with Quinlan Media Hub, which has specialised in remote collaboration for streaming providers such as Netflix, Amazon and HBO in recent years.

This partnership particularly supports our productions for commercials and documentaries in Switzerland and Germany. And opens up many new and creative opportunities for our customers.

Our network has extensive know-how and many years of experience in conception and postproduction from working on major productions of commercials such as for Audi, British Telecom and Nina Ricci as well as feature films such as Prometheus (Ridley Scott), Hugo (Martin Scorsese) and Interstellar (Christopher Nolan).

This also forms an ideal basis for our own productions. We will start with a sci-fi thriller as a mini-series, which will be realised in Basel, Zurich, London and Vancouver. An animation/real film hybrid project for a mystery-comedy anthology will be realised in cooperation with production facilities in Munich and Berlin. And a remake of Marcel Meier's multi-award-winning debut feature, the horror short film Obscurum (1982), is currently in preparation.

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Marcel Meier Audiovisual Productions

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